Private Yoga Packages

What is private Yoga? Well, essentially it’s you, me and Yoga!

Working with me privately means you get me all to yourself, so we can take your time and practice to where you want to take it.

Perhaps you’re interested in crafting a home practice but you’re not sure how to get started. You could be interested in developing your inversion practice – think headstand! – and would love support to nail those suckers without everyone watching you topple over – until you don’t of course! You could just love the idea of investing in yourself and your personal self-care in this way and having me bring Yoga into your place is a beautiful supportive thing you’d love to do for yourself. Perhaps you travel a lot and still want to be able to practice – think Skype for this one!

Private Yoga classes are great for all these desires. They are also brilliant for overcoming an injury, going deeper into your practice and fitting into your busy schedule.

So what does Private Yoga with me look like:

As soon as you register we find a time that works really well for you, either at your place or at the studio.

Then we meet and have your first session, which will go for 90 minutes. This gives us lots of time drill down to what you are looking for from your sessions and how I can support you fully. We will also go through some questions to get you focused on you and your self-care (I love this part!).

Followed by a gorgeous hour of Yoga, tailored to suit your desires! Be that strong sweaty Vinyasa, deep nourishing slow Hatha or home Yoga practice development. It is your call and I am there for you completely.

Between your first and second session you will receive a list of the poses we did so you can work on them at home!

We’ll then meet for two more sessions for a hour long personalised Yoga session, again focusing on what you desire on that day!

Delicious Private Yoga to help strengthen the mind and body is an awesome way to care for yourself!


Initial Private Yoga Package:

1 x 90 minute plus 2 x 60 minute classes


Ongoing Private Yoga Package:

4 x 60 minute classes



How to get started or find out more information! Simply fill in the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss everything with you!