LADIES! Does your Moon Cycle leave you feeling a little STRESSED, OVERWHELMED, and EMOTIONAL. Then perhaps some PINK MOON YOGA is exactly what the universe ordered.

The 31 Mar 2018, is a Pink Moon. Not called this for its colour but the spectacular wildflowers that grow in Northern America in their spring. It seems fitting for a Pink Moon be used to celebrate our own Moon Cycle. I have not always had such an affection for my own cycles and since developing a deeper yoga and soul connected lifestyle, I have embraced yogas ability to calm my menstrual symptoms.

If you are looking to connect to your own moon cycles, love yoga and enjoy the company of amazing women this workshop is for you.

This gorgeous workshop includes a gentle yoga practice designed to connect the body, mind and spirit before enjoying a selections of scrumptious teas and clean treats while learning how yoga can help with menstrual disorders. Finally we conclude the workshop with by being guided into a nourishing Yoga Nidra.

This workshop will leave you feeling rejuvenated and confident to use yoga to embrace your Moon Cycle.

Secure your place today and book now to avoid missing out on this amazing workshop!

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