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Here’s the thing – I know I am a Life and Wellness Coach but what does that really mean anyway?

People question me:  do you tell people what to eat, how to exercise and so on. The short answer is no! I don’t tell anyone to do anything! I help coach them to find the most suitable options for themselves. I help people live their most extraordinary version of their life. The wellness side is what often makes people question what I do.

Wellness is an active process of being of becoming aware of AND making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life. I capitalised the ‘and’ as a number of people, including myself at times, are fully aware of what is healthy for them but don’t actively participate in those choices. As a dynamic process of change and growth, wellness is more than just being free from illness. It is a multifaceted, multidimensional approach to life that encompasses your mental and physical health, happiness, prosperity and welfare.

Here is the disclaimer: I can be completely shocking with my own health and wellbeing at times. I have recently given up RedBull AGAIN!! Damn if that drink isn’t some sort of Achilles heel for me I don’t know how to explain it! I fully know it is dreadful for me yet it was my go to choice of drink. Day 4 looking strong!

When you embark on a wellness journey you are making a conscious choice to the development of your whole self. You seek ‘tools’ that can make you a healthier and happier human. There will always be a collection of tools that aren’t effective for your continued growth and development. It is about looking at the huge variety of tools accessible to you and seeing how they can impact all aspects of your life. The path of wellness, just like fitness or education, is an ever-changing path that has countless avenues for you to cultivate your best self.

So if that all sounds a little overwhelming break it down into 5 habits the will help you feel younger.

Eating Well

I am not hear to preach about different dietary regimes but what I will say is watch films like What the Health and do your research. Find what works for you? Do you feel light, full of energy and does your skin look amazing? Or do you feel bloated, lethargic and does your skin look shallow? Answering those questions along will be enough to tell you if you are eating well.

Finding Activities You Enjoy

Find something that brings you joy that is outside your work/family life. It could be growing succulents, reading the classics or cooking awesome meals. Now this isn’t to say your family and work shouldn’t be activities that don’t bring you joy but by including more things in your life that you enjoy you expand your ability to have an awesome joyful life.

Staying Connected

Find a community, family or group of friends that you can connect to and share the journey that is life. I have to say I am a very lucky woman when it comes to staying connected. Today I was able to head to the park for lunch with my Mother, sister-in-law and 4 of my nieces and nephews. Tonight, I am heading to see Wonder Woman with an amazing group of women! A note to introverts reading this: I am an introvert so totally get that getting out and socialising can be challenging but balance the socialising with your recharging time and being connected is rewarding!

Exercising your body AND your mind regularly

Consistency is key here! If you work either your body or your mind infrequently they don’t work to their full capacity. I am an avid Crossfitter and yogi. You might like swimming and Pilates (seriously Pilates is awesome!) or you might like MMA and surfing. Find what can keep your body healthy. Don’t forget your mind. A lot of people I know don’t read (except what is on FB) but I implore you to read. Read books on any topic that interests you. It could be surfing or personal development, travelogues or biographies but please read! Some people like crosswords or sudoku but I am passionate about reading or listening to podcasts!

Sleep Well

Another area that I am fairly certain you know is extremely valuable. Ensure you have the best mattress for yourself, great bedding and have the room at a suitable temperature. I love a colder room that enables me to sleep under heavier bedding. Oh and a super tip: Sleep naked! This allows your body to regulate its temperature so that you don’t overheat during the night!

By engaging this 5 habits you can feel better and younger! You might wonder why I call them habits. The harsh truth is you can’t just do them once and expect them to work for the rest of your life. They ideally should become so second nature that they are a healthy habit. Unlike my RedBull habit!

How is your overall wellness? Is it where you would like it to be? Ask yourself in those habits alone on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being brilliant and 1 being extremely bad) just where you are today. Let me know how you are doing?

Robyn xox


Do you feel overwhelmed at times? Does sorting out your finances depress you? Does the very thought of trying to find something to wear in your crowded closet leave you standing looking lost?

This is the story of my life before I discovered The KonMari Method of decluttering.

When you are surrounded by clutter it makes it very difficult to be relaxed, efficient and successful. If it takes 20 minutes to find a critical document or sifting through endless tops to find the right one to wearyou many not have found the most rewarding way of living.

I will say I am not a minimalist! I still have hundreds of books and too many clothes but what I do know is that each time I declutter my physical space there is an amazing side affect.

My mental space!

A serene and calm physical space leads beautifully into having a peaceful and sharp mind. I am able to see solutions to problems more clearly, I have more time to fill my mind with interesting knowledge (I love reading!) and best of all it keeps my monkey brain at bay. Why this happens is unknown to me. As a consequence of lapsing back into having things for the sake of having things, I have noticed over the years that when this occurs I tend to lose my equanimity! The moment I declutter my equanimity and creativity return!

If your physical space is cluttered I cannot recommend enough ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organising’ by Marie Kondo or listening to Tim Ferriss’s podcast #234 with Marie! Her system may seem brutal as you read the book but as you go through EVERYTHING in your house, one category at a time and ask yourself “Does this bring me joy?” you will soon realise how much stuff in your world isn’t bringing you joy! The old shoes that you were going to get repaired, the jacket with the price tag on it you have never worn and the gifts from friends or family that just don’t do anything for you but you keep for the sake of not upsetting anyone. If it doesn’t bring you joy it has to go!

One of the most amazing mental decluttering processes was developed in Alcoholics Anonymous. Part of getting sober is conducting an inventory of yourself in Step 4 which is‘Made a searching and moral inventory of ourselves.’ This method includes writing down everything you have done to another person that still weighs you down (it might be stealing from a shop at 8), everything you perceive has been done to you, what areas of your life it affected, your fears, your sexual conduct (that can be very interesting!) and at the end you shared it with another and God to release the hold these past events had over you. I have done this process twice in my life and both times it allowed me to feel lighter and less mentally cluttered.

Denise Duffield-Thomas course – Lucky Bitch Bootcamp – introduced me to perhaps the most amazing mental decluttering method. While aimed at dealing with money blocks I realised that I could use it for much MUCH more! By effectively writing down all the things that bugged me, filled my mind, pissed me off or things I felt were holding me back.I then read each sentence and really felt the feelings associated with it and used EFT to tap away the baggage. When I finished tapping I simply crossed it off and moved to the next. After I finished my list I felt a little deflated and emotionally. I had been allowing what effectively was bullshit to weigh me down. The next morning however I felt calm and serene!

I have no doubt this is a method I will be using more often in the future as new ‘bullshit’ comes up! Cause we all know bullshit keeps coming!

Tell me about your clutter and decluttering methods!

Robyn xo


Watching the physical transformation of a woman that is owning her awesomeness is nothing short of brilliant! I see it in my yoga students, triathletes and life and wellness clients!

What I hear from a lot of women is that they don’t actually know how to start the transformation. They are stuck in a place that doesn’t resonate with them. They know they aren’t living the life they hoped for but sadly they get paralysed and feel stuck. There is so much information overload on the internet. Do this, do that, no don’t do this because XYZ, do this instead, take this pill, this shake, buy this dress, by this pair of shoes and you will feel amazing! Well I am calling it all BULLSHIT!

Why do I call all that bullshit? Simple – transformation comes from within. Do you need a little help to get there? Of course you do!

Let me tell you a story that really started one of my most transformative periods. My heart had been ripped out by lies and betrayal. My, lets call him ‘Liar’ rather than boyfriend, was actually not who he said he was. Six months of lies and the twisted web saw me laying on my bathroom floor wishing I wasn’t there.

So what did I do? I started to transform myself.

How do you start over when you discover the truth about the situation you’ve walk away from.  First, you go through a roller-coaster of emotions, which at times feel like they are going to kill you.  Shame, hatred, hurt, loneliness, sadness and sheer desperation just to name a few. One moment you feel okay with what has happened and how you handled it, the next you want to have the reason for your pain to be standing in front of you so you can yell at them again.  This achieves nothing in the end and being graceful and letting them go is much more beneficial for yourself.

Second, you rally family and friends around you.  Amazingly, I quickly realise that though one person will no longer be in my life there are plenty of others who mean the world to me and I meant the world to them.  Dinner with friends and home cooked meals can heal the dark spots on the heart.  Kind words from loved ones helped me remember I was whole before I meet him and I was whole now!

Third, (This is where the magic happens) you make new dreams.  A years worth of holidays had been planned so instead of still planning on going where you might have gone together, pick new holidays.  I choose instead to plan an African Adventure Year.  All of my holidays for 2012 were spent in Africa.  I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) and Mt Toubkal (Morocco) along with visiting family in Zambia, did a 5 Star holiday in Djibouti, and also went to Vietnam.


And lastly, something happened to me! I became this warrior goddess that knew deep in my heart that was put on this earth for much more than what I was doing! I now have the honour and privilege of helping women transform their lives. Not all of them come to me through heartache as deep as mine but they all come with a desire, a burning desire, to be their most authentic selves and challenge themselves to be extraordinary.

Do you long for change and transformation? Get in contact for a free 20 minute discovery call to see how I can help!

Blessed Be,


Despite all the modern conveniences designed to make life more efficient, do you ever feel that the weight of responsibilities and never-ending list of things to do burdening your happiness! I know I certainly do at times.

Years ago I discovered some simple steps that helped me stay sane and leading a happier life.

Step 1.  Smile more

When you are hurting, stressed and generally not feeling very happy; a smile can make all the difference.  As you go about your daily life, simply walk around with a smile on your face.  It can feel awkward and a little uncomfortable at first but as you relax into smiling other people will notice your face is soft and welcoming.  Nothing makes another persons day brighter than a smile from a stranger.  The return smile may just make your day.

Step 2.  Drink more water

Just like a plant the human body needs water to survive.  A plant that hasn’t received the required amount of water starts to dry up, shrivel and die.  The human body is more resilient but not by much.  Water makes up between 58% and 70% of the body with the brain being a massive 85% water.

Headaches, poor concentration, sluggish bowel movements (eew right!) and fatigue are all signs of mild dehydration.  Include an additional glass of water when you rise, 30 minutes before any meal and finally a glass not long before bed to increase your intake to 2 litres a day.

Step 3.  Practice gratitude

Not every one wants to or even likes to mediate but taking a few moments of quiet time to reflect on the day ahead or just past.  Take a few deep breaths and focus solely on what you are grateful for.  Some days this can be extremely difficult but everything from the ability to read this article or even sit in the morning sun while you practice gratitude is something you can be grateful for.

Step 4.  Find your passion

Life is not a dress rehearsal.  If you hate being stuck in an office from 9-5 but your responsibilities mean you can’t break free just yet find something that drives you.  Take a course in creative writing, photography or even a yoga class.  Find that something that excites you and use your free time pursuing that passion.  You might be passionate about comic conventions and spend your time planning your costume.  It doesn’t matter what your passion is just find it and enjoy it.

And finally:

Step 5.  Have fun

Life is not meant to be a constant chore.  Grab a ball and kick it around the park or play with a pet.  Laugh with friends over a coffee.  Go to the movies and see a good comedy.  Dance around the house to your favourite singer.  Go for a walk along the beach and watch the surfers.  Read a good book.

Practicing these simple steps will guide you towards a healthier and happier life.  The more you regularly follow these steps you will also be naturally guided to other avenues of a healthier life thus making you happier.  Like when you are having fun and it leads you to finding your passion, hours of countless happiness will follow!

Blessed Be

Robyn xox