Hi! I’m Robyn Caddell. I’m a passionate Yoga Teacher and Transformational Coach, located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Australia.

I am somewhat of an enigma. Returned service veteran, traveler, hippy, feminist, plant-based, endurance athlete and spiritual seeker. I am not a perfect person and have a lot of skeletons in my closest. My past includes addiction, heartbreak and loss but they have shaped me into the woman I am today – An Amazon Queen. Totally in love with being an eclectic, gorgeous, feminine, strong, confident and proud woman thriving in life!

My Mission – Help individuals living with trauma to find transformation through movement.

By using yoga and transformational programs I help trauma effected people to thrive post trauma. I’ve never been more passionate about anything in my life than this! Yoga and transformational work have helped me to thrive despite having suffered various types of trauma – PTSD, alcoholism and abuse to name a few! I have been called to help guide others through the same gifts that were given to me!

So why the name Elambah?

During a 10 Day Vipassana course, the word Elambah kept coming up as the name for my coaching practice. I knew it was the name of my maternal families trust but what did it really mean. After completing the Vipassana, I spoke with my two uncles about the name and it all started to make sense. Elambah was the name of a parcel of land given to my Great Grandfather after the war. It represented new beginnings for a returning soldier. The land and my family went on to have a successful and happy life. As a former soldier that is passionate about new beginnings leading to a successful and happy life there could be no other name for my company. With the blessings of my uncles, Elambah Coaching was born.

I hope you allow me to share my experience and expertise with you! Feel free to look around my online home and give me a shout if you have any questions.

Blessed Be

Robyn xox